Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Absentee Blogger--With an "Excuse"

Ok, I have only written one post since September, and I just had to delete it because the link to the video I posted was broken.  My excuse?  Graduate school.  Above is a picture of my day of triumph in receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Entrepreneurial Business from John Paul the Great Catholic University.  I arrived back at school a couple of weeks after graduation ready to pursue my MBA.  At least I thought I was ready.  I never dreamed how all-consuming graduate level study would be!  So, my posts will probably be fewer and farther between until I finish the MBA in June, but I don't plan on giving up the blog.  At the end of June I will travel back to New Hampshire and will be able to write about what this blog really is supposed to be all about--Our Sisters running with the kids.  Stay tuned...


Moore On Running said...

Congratulations! That is a pretty good excuse :)

I added a page to the top of my blog that you may want to share:

Hope to read more about your school and the kids running!

OrangeBlossom said...

Congratulations Sister!