Friday, August 27, 2010

Feedback from a runner: St. Charles 5k "One of the Best"

With the 14th Annual St. Charles Children's Home a week from Monday, I thought I would share a nice letter I got last year from one of the runners:

"Your race was one of the best that I have attended this year.  Very well organized and all of that wonderful food!  Many times at a big race the food will run out before the last finishers cross the line.  Not the case in your race, there was plenty for everyone.  You did all of the right things to draw people back to your race next year.  I intend to be there in 2010..."

The highlight of our post race food is a barbecue of hamburgers and hot dogs donated and cooked by all of the Applebee's restaurants in this region.  Tommie Mattie of the Portsmouth Applebees is chief chef, and I can attest to the fact that there is nothing like those hamburgers hot off the grille. Other food includes donuts, bagels, fruit, cookies, pizza and more.  

I was excited to get a letter from a runner last year.  If you have run our race and would like to share your thoughts about it, please let us know!  


Keath said...

I've got to agree 100% I wish I was in NH to do it again this year, but you guys run an awesome race. As a vegetarian who isn't in to the grill situation, I was still amazed by the selection of treats (and probably ate far more than I burned in the 5k, but that's okay). Many of them even seemed home baked?

Beyond the great food, the race itself is wonderful too - the location allows for plenty of parking, safe room for the kids runs, and a surprisingly challenging (but not insane) course. The crowd was also an awesome mix of competitive and fun runners as well as plenty of walkers - it was great to see everyone stick around to support those coming in after them.

One piece of constructive criticism: the finish line videos were a nice after-race surprise, but had to be compressed so much I'm not sure it's worth the time and effort of whomever had to chop them up and upload. Maybe hi-res clips could be sold for a few dollars as an extra fundraiser?

Sister Mary Agnes said...


Thank you for your kind words!

I agree about the videos--they were a big disappointment. I had asked the camera people to capture the digital clock so people could see the time and find themselves easier, and also to make sure the finish line showed, so people could see themselves crossing it! I never succeeded in getting the high res original file from the company, which I will not hire again.

I have not been able to find anyone to shoot the race this year, unfortunately. But this is a good suggestion for future races.

By the way, if you are too far away to join us on Labor Day, consider joining us "in spirit" anytime during the year in our virtual 5k!

Sister Mary Agnes said...

I forgot--yes, a lot of the food is home baked :)

Keath said...

Oh, I didn't realize you did virtual participants - that's an awesome idea! I'm in. Have a great event.

ziagirl said...

Dear Sister Mary Agnus,
I ran your race for the first time last year, and I have to say I loved it! Not only was the organization awesome, the race itself was fun and refreshing. It was truly amazing to see your children run with such strength and enthusiasm! Truly they are gifts from God and I thank you all for all you do for these children. Love and prayers to you all,