Thursday, April 1, 2010

A bit more on barefoot running

We may become barefoot running nuns yet!  My Vibram Fivefingers are on their way, and next week I hope to start short outdoor walks in them.  Meanwhile I have been doing indoor walking barefoot, some days up to three miles in one workout.  So, I am on my way to being a barefoot "walking nun."  My plan is to be used to barefoot  already as I ease back into running over the next several months.  (I am still waiting for the doc's approval to start running again, but he was very enthusiastic about my barefoot hiking plan.)
Sister Maximilan is also interested.  Since she runs eight miles a day right now (she runs two groups of kids, 4 miles each group) barefoot will be a slow, careful transition for her.  She's waiting for my reports on the Vibram Fivefingers before she makes her decision.

To learn more about barefoot running I have embedded Bordon Pirie's book at the bottom of this blog.  The book apparently never went to print, but I have found it to be highly recommended to understand how the body was made to run.  Unfortunately I have not had time yet to read it myself, but I will definitely post on it when I have read it.  

The link to the book is here.


Dave said...

Gordon Pirie was ahead of his time, although he proposed never touching the heel while running (forefoot or toe running)...Daniel Lieberman's videos on barefoot vs shod running show that barefoot runners actually touch their heel after the forefoot touches (forefoot, heel, forefoot). I have found this less stressful on the calves as you transition to barefoot...Dave Abbett, Rehab 3. Have a great day.

Sister Mary Agnes said...

Hi Dave. Thanks for the tip! I've heard about Daniel Lieberman's videos before and hope to check them out. I am fascinated by this whole barefoot running concept and want to learn as much as I can.

Dave said...

since trying to transition I have had off/ on calf pain...I found a great website on barefoot running "how to run barefoot" by Barefoot Ken Bob. He spells out how to run barefoot, it is really helping me get over the hump on my calf/ foot issues. Have fun. By the way, my 10 year old son hiked South Moate in Conway barefoot yesterday. He is crazier than I am.