Saturday, January 30, 2010

A relevant conversation

I have just included a widget on the sidebar of this blog that points to an important conversation.  I remember almost 20 years ago, our sisters brought the children on a field trip to Boston to the World Trade Center.  A smartly dressed woman in high heels came up to us and asked who we were.  When we told her we were a children's home, she replied that our children's home should not exist, and that the "problem" of these children could have been solved if they had been aborted.

We have had a lot of children with a lot of problems in our home, but I can't think of one child that I wish had not been born.  This woman felt differently.  The widget on the side is about a conversation surrounding a new web series about three fictional women in crisis pregnancies.  The web series hopes to provoke thoughtful conversation and real listening, regardless of which side of the debate people are on.  Abortion may not have much to do with the running theme of this blog, but it has everything to do with the theme of our children's home and the children my community of sisters is trying to help.  So check out the comments . . . check out the site . . . pass it around if you think the conversation is relevant and interesting.

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Sherri said...

thank you for supporting life and blogging about it!